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Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds

We have assisted our clients in managing their pension assets for over 20 years. 

We support Pillar 2 pension funds and private persons with Pillar 3a and 1e. We offer established investment solutions in the equity, bond and BVG mixed fund asset classes. Baloise Investment Foundation is autonomous and legally independent but also exploits the broad expert knowledge of Baloise Asset Management in financial and pension issues.


We are a member of the Conference of Managers of Investment Foundations KGAST, the industry association of investment foundations, and are therefore obligated to maintain high quality standards. KGAST primarily upholds investors’ rights and monitors the security of their occupational pension investments. The investment foundations affiliated to KGAST manage assets in excess of CHF 100 billion accumulated as occupational provisions.


Our Board of Foundation

Dr. Reto Diezi, President of the Foundation Board
Coach and consultant for organisational development
Rheinfelden DE

Patric Olivier Zbinden, Vice-President of the Board of Trustees
Head of Product Management Corporate Customers,
Basler Versicherung AG

Pierre Boithiot, Pratteln
Managing Director of the Basel Pension Foundation
Insurance AG, Basel

Mario Knupfer, Stäfa
Head of real estate, financial administration, legal service

Heinz Müller, Bauen (UR)
Former director and member of the management of Ernst Selmoni AG and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Pension Fund
Selmoni, Basel

Marcel Müller, Starrkirch-Wil
Chief Risk Officer and Member of the Executive Committe of Baloise Bank SoBa AG, Solothurn

Rudolf Studer, Stettfurt
Former financial director of the pension fund of the city of Frauenfeld

Jürg Traber, Rüthi (SG)
Former Managing Director Hilti Pension Fund, Buchs

Dr Elias Bischof, Basel
Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Legal Consultant, Basler Versicherung AG, Basel

Our Executive Board


Managing Director
Robert Antonietti


Dep. Managing Director
Andreas Bertschi

Organisation of Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds


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Perspectiva Collective Foundation is a semi-autonomous occupational pension solution for SMEs of all sizes. 

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Comprehensive insurance

Baloise Collective Foundation offers comprehensive and attractive occupational pension and investment solutions to companies of all sizes through its comprehensive insurance.

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