Our equity investment vehicles cover the global equity universe.

Our equity investment vehicles are very diverse and tend towards a defensive investment style. The aim is to achieve a higher return and lower volatility over the long term (lower fluctuation) compared with conventional equity portfolios.

Equities Switzerland Quality & Dividend

«Equities Switzerland Quality & Dividend» invests primarily in equities of prominent companies based in Switzerland. The equity selection follows a quantitative and qualitative procedure: The security preselection is a quantitative exercise. The equities in question are then analysed and examined using qualitative criteria. The focus of the portfolio composition is on good quality corporate equities and other equity securities with sustained dividend growth and an above-average dividend.

Global Equities 0-100

Global Equities 0-100 pursues an active investment strategy and sets the proportion of equity investments between 0-100% depending on the financial market development. The aim is to use a systematic approach to exploit the potential of an equity investment over the long term and to reduce the risk of major losses. The proportion of equity investments can be reduced by directly selling equity investments or by using derivatives. To make the investment as cost-efficient as possible, the management of equity investments is based on a passive global equity market index. 

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