Classic BVG-Mix investment vehicles

The mixed pension solutions offered by Baloise Investment Foundation provide our customers with products to meet all their needs.

Classic investment vehicles

Investment vehicles with a benchmark-oriented approach

The classical BVG-Mix investment vehicles BVG-Mix 15 Plus, BVG-Mix 25 Plus and BVG-Mix 40 Plus follow a benchmark-oriented approach with a strategic equity share of 15%, 25% and 40% respectively. The pension solutions maintain broad-based holdings in global financial markets, mainly in Swiss equities, Swiss bonds and real estate.

With a strategic equity holding of between 15% and 40% and a tactical range of 5%-50%, these investment vehicles target the security-oriented to risk-aware investor category. Depending on the prevailing economic situation as well as the assessment of the interest rate, equity market and exchange rate environments, controlled deviations from the investment strategy are undertaken within the permitted investment ranges.

The right solution for every risk capacity

The product range comprises three classic product solutions to meet the different risk appetites and capabilities of our customers.

Strategic Alignment Swiss Equities World Equities Swiss Bonds World Bonds  Real Estate Switzerland
BVG-Mix 40 Plus 25% 15% 38% 10% 12%
BVG-Mix 25 Plus 15% 10% 53% 10% 12%
BVG-Mix 15 Plus 10% 5% 63% 10% 12%


Thanks to a solid performance over the long term and an attractive price-performance ratio, these pension solutions have regularly achieved top rankings in the prestigious competitor comparison conducted by KGAST (Conference of Managers of Investment Foundations).

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