Dynamic BVG-Mix investment vehicles

The two dynamic employee pension fund solutions offered by Baloise Investment Foundation for Pension Funds offer an innovative product for our investors.

BVG Mix Dynamic Allocation

The innovative investment vehicles BVG-Mix Dynamic Allocation 0-40 and 0-80* are better equipped to exploit financial market opportunities. They are suitable for both conservative and dynamic investors and thus provide a valuable alternative to our classical investment vehicles.

Since the start of 2017, BVG-Mix Dynamic Allocation 0-40 has been available to private persons looking to benefit from the dynamic investment strategy. Since November 2018, BVG-Mix Dynamic Allocation 0-80* has been available as a solution with a significantly higher equity allocation of up to 80%. 

*Exceeding of equity quota according to BVV2 possible

BVG Mix Dynamic Allocation

Both pension solutions follow a dynamic investment strategy and therefore do not engage in static asset allocation. This pension solution primarily invests in Swiss equities, Swiss bonds and real estate. The dynamic structure of the fund allows the investor to respond more flexibly to any market trends occurring during the calendar year: During longer upward trends, opportunities presented by the financial markets are exploited to the full, while losses incurred during lengthier downturns can be limited.

Both investment vehicles start the year with a moderate equity holding. There are also investments in other equally promising assets, such as real estate funds and real estate companies, high-yield bonds and alternative investments. These are offset by investments in real estate investment foundations, Swiss bonds and liquidity with relatively low fluctuations.

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